First Ever Post - A little bit about me

I'm a final year pottery student at the University of Central Lancashire's Northern School of Design. I have been at the University for what feels like forever, I started there back in 2005 on a 3D design course which I didn't like and my wife to be at the time encouraged me to move into clay and that is where I have been ever since discovered my love for clay.

When my son was born I stayed back a year and I am glad I did as it has given me an extra year to really better at throwing and start to develop my own style. I know that there is so much to learn for my craft, but I never want to give it up once I leave education.

My tutors always say I work in a painterly style hence the name, though I love the idea of painting though I have never really been good at it and haven't tried since I was at art school. I do look at a lot of art and follow blogs from quite a range of potters and artists.

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