I have a set of tools that I have pretty much been using since September when I sat down and went through all the tools I have in my tool box and picked what is essential, the rubber kidney got added one week when I mis-placed my mud tools soft kidney, I have two sorts of wires, one traditional wire and the other is also from mud tools which I really love

Today though I went up to Northern Kilns and bought a new trimming tool, they don't make them there but they have started supplying they from Clay man I think. Anyways they have started supplying tools and clay as well as all their standard range of kilns and refurbished wheels and one of the guys their Dylan was showing me their range for potters working out of a small garage which is based around a work bench that can fit clay underneath wheel and kiln to either side and then the top left for wedging and reclaiming clay. If I just wanted to stay really small in my mothers garage I would definitely go for all that.

I forgot to take in my camera all last week but I am taking it in this week as I have have a test kiln coming out so then I can make some more decisions about the final pieces that are going to go into the big kiln at the end of the week!

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