Whats in a mark?

I made a plaster mark for my mug handles a few weeks ago, just something plain and simple. I have a mark coming from America from a company called Clay Stamps I am getting one with my mark on and another with a bobble head red fox for my wife's work. When they arrive I will get some pictures of them and maybe some of Anthea's work too. My mark is simply my initials as I feel the same about marking pots as I do about marking paintings, the mark should try to be as unobtrusive as possible and a full signature is too much like ego.

These are three of the four mug designs I threw to go with my bowls, not happy with these. I threw one today which is a lot shorter and seems to fit the family a little better. I really need to get better at these handles as they just aren't seeming to sit right with me, but I don't know the minimum thickness of handles to go on mugs of any size, looks like a day of pulling handles is going to be coming up in the next month.

These are the bowls from the 12 before 12 challenge I put handles on all of them, they are extruded coils, eventually I would like to roll them out by hand but there is never enough room in the clay room when I am working on these, whenever I am throwing the place is dead, I want to make handles and I have all the second year students watching me. the biscuit ware on the top shelf is all mine from before Christmas and is ever so patiently waiting for me to get some glazing done, especially as another kiln of biscuit ware came out today and now I filled not only my space for work but Anthea's too and she isn't pleased as her foxes are now surrounded by stacks of bowls and mugs.

Isn't it surprising what you find on the camera when you get home, I left my camera on the wheel next to me and Anthea picked it up and started taking pictures of my work and hers and in fact all the pictures taken today are by her. What I didn't realise as she took photos was that she caught this shot of me looking awkward over such a small amount of clay, a mere 400 grams (about 0.9 pounds) I reduced the amount of clay to see if that worked better but I might just go back to around 500 grams.

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  1. Hey Joseph, nothing awkward looking about you on the wheel. and I love the mark and will love to see the ones you have ordered.