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This is the first thing I ever made when I started at UCLAN asides something I had made out of air drying clay when I was in Beaver Scouts when I still lived in Fleetwood 20 years ago, it is actually the first thing I ever made out of clay. It was the first assignment at Uni to make the tallest structure you could with a set amount of clay, I did have a little clay to one side but it would have collapsed the tower so I didn't use it.

My mind recently keeps being drawn back to this, especially today when I have been struggling with working in way shape or form. Things have just been getting me down so I guess it is just one of those days. Uni technically finished today but I didn't find out till after I had left the campus and I was on my way home otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Anyways I have to go in on Thursday to stamp all my work, we aren't allowed to use any of the machines so it will just be putting handles on all the mugs.

Whenever I have a bad day I wonder what other potters do to get through it

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