Different Clays

I have a couple of different clays hiding in my supply cupboard, there is porcelain, Arctic white stoneware and porcelain white stoneware and of course this earthenware clay called "surprise clay" surprise clay is from GreatArt.co.uk. Anthea bought me the surprise clay two birthdays ago to try to throw with, as it was a gift I was afraid to mess up so I have saved it until now. As you can see it swirls with colours through the middle, it is a combination of oxides and different sorts of silica as far as I can tell as it was like throwing with sand.

I threw the entire bag of clay on Thursday, I have a small reclaim pile that I am going to wedge and make some more pieces from. These are just a few of the pieces there were actually 3 boards full of things. It was interesting throwing with the clay, very different to what I am used to.

This piece actually started off a bit taller and a lot wider, I cut straight lines into the clay(faceted) and then stretched it out on the wheel, it shows how sedimentary the clay was. It was very sandy so you couldn't rest your hand on the wheel head as it was like sand paper. The clay wasn't made for throwing it was resistant to being thrown and was a very thirsty clay.

Yesterday(Friday) I threw some tea bowls off the hump, unfortunately I haven't done the technique more than twice before so I had quite a few unsuccessful pieces and what is left here don't always have flat bottoms, but Fridays for me are just the afternoons, as I have a business class in the morning.

This next week I am planning on taking pictures of every different piece in my range so you can all see it, piece by piece.


  1. Hi Joseph,
    You have a really interesting blog, and good links too. As a former painter, who now pots, It's good to see the links to painting related things too. Thank you for your recent comment on my site, it was really nice to hear from you, and it has been good having a read of your blog and to go back through your posts. I will put a link to your blog off mine too. Congratulations on your pottery too.

  2. Thanks Petter, I will try and paint something new these next few weeks, I have been so busy since I started the blog, I have been reading lots of business material and trying to put together a feasibility study. As well as drawing for my show and of course most of the things I do for planning my decoration are just ink brush strokes.

    I might end up starting my studio in Fleetwood yet so there are lots of views to draw from there, the docks to Knott-End and of course the south lakes views.

    I know less excuses and more painting!