Half full or half empty (if you don't intend to fire)

Well it is the start of another week, above is one of the very few images from this last week,  I trimmed the base on the wheel last Friday just to give it a little extra lift and removed some of my finger prints from lifting it off the wheel in the first place.

On Friday I also made some aggregate test pieces which once fired will have to be ground down to a smooth surface, I have done it before but it will be a very wet job.  I also filled the kiln some more and now it is half done, unfortunately I ran out of glaze and didn't get chance to to mix any more up, especially as the University is out of titanium and is waiting for a delivery so hopefully it will be there tomorrow so I can fill up the kiln.

I really miss throwing after spending so much time filling the kiln so hopefully I will be able to throw one piece at least tomorrow.

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