A new day a new Attittude

Sleep really does the mind good, I'm so glad that it does. As it is now technically my holidays I should be doing paperwork for the next two weeks, I do have a wheel at home but the kiln I have isn't connected to the electric supply so I can't even bisque my work. I will probably try and throw one day while I am off I only have a limited supply of clay right now, mainly terracotta which is a bit useless for a stoneware potter. hopefully I will find some time to paint whilst my little boy is at nursery one day, I have some new paints so there is no excuse, even if I just end up painting a picture of one of my bowls with lemons in

These are some close ups of my platters, I love how the iron speckles break apart the broad strokes.

This is the workshop I work in at University, as you can see it is quite cramped, especially when we have had up to 15 people working in here at any given time, so I tend to wedge together as much clay as I think I will need for the morning and then get on with it, same for the afternoon. I started making platters again last week as you can see here, as my mark finally arrived last Wednesday after many problems with Parcel Force who kept trying to deliver my order to a place in Poulton which is the next town over which has a similar street name but not the same post code or town name.

Here is an impression of my mark, it works much better on leather hard clay and forms a really crisp image, I love it. Anthea's stamp is a cute little fox which is the same as the logo on our website red fox pottery.


  1. Hi Joseph,
    Sorry to read that things have been getting a bit on top of you lately. You will be under a lot of stress with the combination of your university studies, having a young child, and going through the process of setting up your pottery.

    Thanks for your reply to my comment a couple of posts ago. The building that used to be a joiners place sounded a great spot for a studio for you (hope you can get it, or something similar). I like the idea of "amazing" workbenches too, it certainly would make things easier for you if a certain amount of those things were already there ready to use. I'm still fighting a loosing battle to get enough storage space for work in progress. It gets worse the better I get at pottery, as I throw a lot faster than I used to, and can fill up all my drying space horribly quickly these days. I am at the stage of not knowing if I should take over all of the remaining space in our house and build a simple motel like unit for us to at least sleep in, or look at building a workshop. Both options are so expensive as not to be funny, but.... it would be nice to be slightly more comfortable in my old age!

    I shouldn't offer advice from this distance, but I'm going gray and loosing my hair so I occasionally look wise...., but do (and I'm sure you are) be very wary about starting a gallery, unless that is primarily what you really want to do in life. I have seen so many creative people get diverted from their art by starting up a business, such as a gallery or a picture framers, or teaching, in order to support their art. Unfortunately the business swallows up all their time and energy (as it really should for the first few years), and they never do become the painter or potter or writer that they set out to be.
    I don't know if you could pick up a bit of paid studio work for a potter instead?? Lisa Hammond is involved with some sort of scheme for organizing funding for potting apprenticeships in the UK I believe?

    That's a nice stamp that you have with your mark.

    The workshop at the University does look like the inside of a tube train! I suspect that the person who designed it liked tunnels! Never mind, after the privations of the university studio, your own one will be marvelous I am sure!

    Best Wishes to you and Anthea, I hope you have a good Easter holiday.

  2. Thanks Peter,

    After looking into opening a gallery a few weeks ago I decided it wasn't for me as I half the time I'm not really confident to get my work out there. The teaching was only a way of covering my costs, but I have had an offer of another place which is much cheaper though more cluttered, though not sure if I would have to apply for planning there, would definitely have to have someone come down to check business rates. If I am allowed to open at this other place it means a lot more foot work but less overheads.

    At the moment I have my wheel in my parents garage but as there is no room for me to sit at the wheel nevermind put up shelving and it isn't water tight so things don't dry for at least 2 weeks. Not really where I can work from.

    Workbenches have always been a problem as I am 6'6" which makes the average workbench so very low down and gives me more back ache than people complain about from throwing.

    Our local Potter is also a kiln manufacturer and supplies just about anything a potter could need from bats, to clays to oxides and tools. They also have some other potters work too. We went over the other day with the little one as Anthea needed some underglaze that they have run out of at Uni. http://www.northernkilns.com/

    I am interested in being an apprentice, apart from the fact I don't like feeling as if I am a burden to anyone, I just haven't been sure if they were accepting applications over at http://www.adoptapotter.org.uk/

    All this crazy madness about starting a business only really started last year when I really fell in love with it all. Before that I wanted to be a ranger for Wyre and Bowland. I found out one of my friends from school is actually doing that last week. Now I can't imagine doing anything else.

    Hope you have a good Easter too Peter