Slow Loading

Spent all day glazing and loading the kiln as I went along, found out once I had done it all it is better to stagger the shelves so I will be going back in today making a few alterations and then filling some more of the space. But I have been doing everything, and it is a first time for me, the tech explained it and left me to it. Even been using bat wash on the bats.

Still got plenty of work to load into the kiln, my big mugs, some huge bowls and all my platters.Unfortunately because I was so busy I didn't manage to talk to Kevin Millward about easier techniques for throwing my platters. But this kiln takes priority at the moment as there is so much work to do with it, for the next firing I'm going to do it every week and I should have enough for the degree show, just need to pick up the pace a little and hope my little one doesn't get ill.

So many plans and it all relies on getting my own gas kiln, so I will be working hard to produce. One of the girls I work with told me to be more selective and only pick a quarter as many but she is making things that cost at least £80 a go and I just don't have that sort of work.

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