Something a little different for me

Yay back to throwing for me, I have missed it and as I was shown how to make lids on Thursday, on Friday I decided to make some bowls to learn the basics of the skill. The other major thrower on the course is throwing these to like twice the size and ever so accurately, whereas my rims are a little wonky and I am only using between 1 and 2 kilo of clay. My goal is to be able to throw enough clay to make a bread crock by the time I leave University.

On other things, the large gas kiln was fired on Thursday! I had a look inside on Friday, but it was too hot still to open it properly to get a photograph. So my first job of the day on Tuesday is to empty my kiln and get loads of photographs, then I can start joining designinit.org.uk and a few other places where I have been advised to make a profile. I can also think about getting my business cards done for my degree show.

Work on the website has been a little slow this week, and my business set up enquires have been stressing me out to no end. Oh well, heres to another week.

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