Kiln Full and ready to go (almost)

This first image is how I left the kiln when I left Uni on Friday, it is quite obviously half filled and took me two days to get to that point. I got in this morning and started weighing out all 5 kilograms of ingredients, then I had to wait for the technician to bring the 300 grams of titanium dioxide. Once I had the titanium the scales had gone walkies so I emptied the bisque kiln and brushed oxides on to all my work. After lunch I finished making the glaze, fully sieved and all.

This second image was taken about 3.10 which is cutting it fine as my bus comes at 3.20, all but the top shelf on the right is full but the technician said he would fine a few pieces and put them in for the firing that would happen either Wednesday(today) or Thursday. I wouldn't have finished if Anthea hadn't have helped out for the last hour. Everything is done now and I am happy, three days to load a kiln is too much for me, I think I will just fill the small gas kiln on a weekly basis so I don't have to spend so long away from the wheel. I have learnt a lot doing so much glazing in one go and of course this is the second kiln I have ever packed for glazing, and definitely the first glaze kiln with more than one stack of shelves

I am just hoping all 9 of the first years that are supposed to be throwing don't show up so then I can have a wheel on Thursday

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