On the wheel again

Well I have back at Uni this week, and I haven't really had time to sit down and make just one form as I have to throw everything I need for my show by this next Friday ideally so then I can glaze it and work on my display for the show as it all has to be set up by May 21st, once the show is set up I can spend a day at a time throwing the things I need to sell this summer.

I was so busy trimming and cleaning on Friday which was the only day we had the camera at Uni, it was just a couple of quick shots, I will try harder this next week to get the shots I want down to a T. As the University seems to have run out of stoneware I couldn't spend my time merely making big object, I do however have two different sorts of white stoneware clay from Valentine Clays I think it is the Arctic White and Porcelain White and have 25kgs if each

Three cereal bowls, I dropped the middle one and accidently destroyed it after this shot, this week it feels like I have done pairs of everything but the tea cup and I think I have 5 of those as I had thrown 7 and two of them weren't good enough so they went straight to the reclaim.
Small fruit bowl, I did throw quite a few of these large bowls and platters, the problem is even in the big kiln there is only so much space inbetween the props on each shelf, especially as the shelves are the same size as the small gas kiln, you can just fit 4 towers if them in.
Just a few mugs, I liked the way these turned out, still need a lot more practice with handles, I think as soon as I get time I will have to throw a cylinder this size and attach as many handles as I can to it, I managed the handles on my tea cups easily as I don't feel as if I am going to drop them every time I pick them up, but with these mug I just can't get a comfortable grip on them.

Thankfully I can use the University's facilities until the degree show is finished, so I will be ordering more clay and getting to work big time, no more experimenting for a while, just getting my forms down and done.

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