Back in the Glazing Room

Back glazing again, I am using the same Kiln as last time that took me 2 and half days to fill and I only have tomorrow to do it in order that everyone gets there turn, it is going to be so crazy and I will probably have to stay late at Uni if things don't go according to plan. Anthea will be helping me fill it with my work, could do with a work force when it comes to glazing by hand, but I am lucky enough that Anthea will help me dip them.

I mixed up a new batch of matt titanium white glaze on Thursday and started on the process but the kiln was in the middle of a firing so I filled all the shelf space I could find.

Also definitely going to London for the Press Day and first day of New Designers this year, as I booked my hotel and train tickets. So I will be in London from June 29th to July 1st going up a day before the press day to set up my allotted space.

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