NPA- Northern Potters

I finally got around to joining the NPA and got my card through this week, hopefully this will help me along the way.

I have been busy making but none of it has reached the kiln for a bisque firing as the 1st and second years get priority over the kilns until they have finished so I just have to be patient and wait my turn, they leave this week I think then I have pretty much got to get all my glazing done, set out the show and then get back to making so then I can have enough stock s then I have a head start.

Anthea is on an Annie Peaker course yesterday and today, so I spent the day touring the Lake District and managed to get to 4 galleries and 4 potters studios. I really enjoyed talking to James Hake who is an amazing young potter from Cumbria who gave me some amazing advice, definitely someone I will visit again and when I have enough money I would buy some of his work for the studio.

Setting off again soon to see how much more we can see today

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