Degree Show Opening

Last night our degree show opened, it was quite busy and had plenty of people looking around and had quite a bit of interest in my work and people wishing me well for the future and saying I should do well in my future venture.  My old tutor made it out too, and I enjoyed chatting with him about the last five years here at UCLAN.

If anyone is in the North West of England, please feel free to come and have a look around we are in Victoria Building room 015 at the Preston City Campus.

Here are some Pictures of other peoples work, I will update if I get website details
Lorry Cudmore - A moment in Time.  Slab/Mould made forms with a mixture of clay and firing techniques her work is full of texture.

Joanne Throp - She makes these amazing bottles and tea bowls that come on a slab, she has a variety of pieces as well as some that are much bigger and smaller but all based around the bottles form, all her work is Thrown on the Potters Wheel and glazed inside.

Roisin Dougherty - her work is made from paper clay, with two of the pieces having glass eyes.

Anthea Travis (my wife) - She makes these charming animals, hand-building them in a variety of ways.  The heads are play on hunting trophies

Martha Evans - her work is made on the wheel by cutting shapes into the clay and stretching them out to alter the forms into these twisted pieces.

Anna Murfin - her work is wearable sculpture, full of texture and flows over the shoulder as can be seen in the background images.

Chris Catterall - Her work is based upon animal horns and really interact well together, not something you could have just one of.

Hayley Stubbs - Porcelain paper clay shell based forms

Helen - work based on wrinkled body parts, they are made up of two layers of clay that pull and stretch away from each other helping things look even more wrinkled.

Steven Telford - They are supposed to be seats, they are crank fired up to earthenware temperature so then he could get the bright colours


  1. Great to see the work of such varied ceramicists! I particularly like Joanne's bottle it looks great. Hope the rest of the show goes will for you!

  2. I love her bottles too they have become so much more refined as the year as gone on. She spends ages making sure everything is exact.

    Better pictures of her work here http://www.joannethropceramics.co.uk/

    Most people sold work over the weekend of the opening but today has been a bit slower, had about 20 people come in the 4 hours I was sat looking after the show