Hi my name is Joseph...

and I am a throwing addict... and it has been 4 weeks since I have thrown my last piece of pottery.

It has been a busy 4 weeks preparing for the show, doing some home decoration, trying to get on top of all the jobs before the baby finishes nursery.

Yesterday was spent at Uni planning what was going to London next week, whilst I was in that meeting my mum was working hard to get all the other work wrapped up so we could clear out the uni.  I now have my work in various bags and boxes.  Today I started working through a box to work out what I am going to take with me to Stanley Park on the 18th July. 

I am putting together some press packs over the next few days for the London Event.

I have started the property search for a studio again, and have looked further a field but without having the option to move there it will cost me so much more to travel there every day via the buses.

Hopefully by the end of the month I am looking to be set up as I really want to get back on that wheel.


  1. I feel your pain, it's been a full semester for me...
    Now that I have graduated, I can't seem to find a wheel for sale.

  2. I do have a wheel, it is just covered with all my work in my parents garage. I don't get near my parents much unless I have the little one. I also have a kiln there but it isn't wired up and never has been as it is all from ebay, that the local tile shop had bought to put transfers on with, so it will probably be converted to gas in the next few months

  3. Good luck with finding a new space, give it time I'm sure you'll get there!

  4. viewing another space on Monday, so far looked at an industrial unit but this next one is a retail unit so it is a bit more pricey though has a nice shop front in a nice area and is still within walking distance of my house