A bit too long

This is a bit longer than I meant to leave in between posts, especially as I have thing to blog about.  I got all the pieces I made over September and early October bisque fired and are now sitting in two boxes in my kitchen awaiting glaze materials and then firing.  I went into University to get them fired as my kiln still isn't in the position or being run but hopefully it will be soon.

At the moment it is looking like we will take over the unit on the second week of November and then will be working quickly to get it open before December to start teaching and get some money into the business.  It will be a fast and furious few weeks with family helping getting it ready.

On the 25th September we went to the Wales Contemporary Craft Fair in Betws y Coed, it was a nice warm day and thankfully didn't rain on us which I am glad of,  there were a lot of other people moving through and looking around.  We didn't get as much chance to talk to other stall holders as we did in Bacup.  Following are two pictures of myself and my wife at our stall in Wales.

Our next confirmed event is the  Greenland's Farm Village as shown on the poster below.  Hopefully more news to be added soon, and I won't leave it as long in between posts again.


  1. Hope the fair went well! I know how it feels to have lots of half finished pots sitting around I have a lot of them sitting around myself at the moment waiting to be glazed.

    Need to get them finished though for a christmas craft fair I;m going to be at!

  2. Looks like at least it was fun. =]