Busy Busy Busy

The Pottery is keeping me so busy these days, things are slow there so I keep throwing in the window and try and get some interest, and people seem to like it from what they say as they pass but getting them through the doors is another matter, we do have visitors that come in but I need a way of getting more people through our doors rather than just looking in.

Earlier in the week we had our plastic splash backs fitted around the pottery, I don't have pictures yet but I will do soon.

Today has been a busy day, we went to our little boys preschool for their nativity play.  As he is one of the younger ones, ie under 3 he was dressed as Santa, he seems a lot bigger than the other under twos.  After that we headed to the shop and I threw 8 sake cups as a Friend commissioned me to make some, I threw some pouring bottles to go with them yesterday and the ones that were too big had handles attached and are now jugs.

This Afternoon our sign came from Broadway Publishing in Blackpool, it looks really good, but the fitting will have to wait until next week.  Then tonight was my Baby Brother's 21st Birthday Party, I can't believe he has gotten so old, I still think of him being about 8 or 9.  I went up to the Thornton Cleveley's Football Club, I took the little one and I don't drink anyways.  Once the little one got tired we came home and put him to bed and have been trying out my new camera and photo tent. It still needs a little tweaking and probably another light.

This Sunday we are at the Thornton Cleveley's YMCA craft Fair from 10-4 where we will be selling things and advertising our services including Children's Parties.  I have thrown a series of small mugs, bud vases and ice cream bowls that all weighed 250g when they were wet, so then the can be decorated whilst children are taking turns on the wheels.

These are some coggles that I made, though Simon Leach did a video of them, the Technician at UCLAN had some in his tool box and I always wondered what they were for.  I realise now I should have asked more questions when I was there.  They are for applying  repeating textures to pottery, I tested them before they were bisque fired.

Incense Stick Holder, I have some glazed in a speckled blue as well as this white and I am going to make some with crushed glass instead of the glaze, which will go in the next firing.

Oyster Plate, I threw this after watching a video on Youtube, I am really interested in using textures again in my work.  It is about the size of a side plate rather than a full sized plate.
Spoon Rest, the speckled blue is just the white with a small amount of cobalt added
I have made even more tea light holders as I was running out and then as soon as I threw these and bisque fired them I found another 10 of the reduction fired ones
Double "Twin Cherry" bowl, Twin Cherry was my wife's idea of what to call them, based on work that Simon Leach makes on YouTube the are just glazed on the inside and I have 5 of them, all in the white glaze.
Here is the Marsh Mill "Windmill" I was making, it has only been bisqued and is awaiting some more details before I put a thin layer of transparent on it.
Yarn Bowl, I have seen a few people making these recently and we have a wool shop a few doors away so I thought I would made some, but I didn't like the others so they are happily slaking down in a bucket at the shop.


  1. I can relate to the busy part, it's almost time for grading my students again here. Great work, keep it up and the people will start to come in to see more. Maybe move the wheel back from the window, so they have to come in to see it better.

  2. I have another two wheels not near the window and if I throw there people don't even really notice, whereas from the window they can see me from the pub and then walk accross

  3. I recently read an another blog - http://whitneys-pottery.blogspot.com/2010/12/simple-sell.html

    Ideas about selling and trying to get hold of those people who aren't really craft buyers. Might be of some interest to you. Hope things pick up soon!

  4. Thanks for that link, Last weekend we did a another Craft fair and it was pretty much how they described in that blog.

    The Fair was in the local sports centre just across the field from our shop so we just carried it across

    We did however met a lot of fellow potters and people interested in lessons and we pointed them in the direction of the shop told them the opening hours and told them we would look forward to seeing them.

    I need to strike up some confidence and go over to the knitting shop and tell them about our yarn bowls and try and talk to whoever owns the high end restaurant just a few doors away.

    One of my aims before we started the shop was to try and sell things to local businesses that they can use or sell.