Some old pots refired to sell on

All the work in the following pictures was gas fired up to 1260C but the kiln failed to fire any higher and the glaze hadn't matured.  So it has been re-fired in Pilling by the guys down at Northern Kilns as I still haven't got my own kiln up and running.  The clay used is B17C in all the ware but the Bottles which are crank.

Tea cups, each one is around 6cm tall
Beakers around 10cm tall

Bottles 13cm tall, these were originally thrown to be raku ware but I didn't manage to get a firing

Sugar Bowl 8cm tall
I had two sugar bowls go in the firing and a teapot, the teapot lid got chipped when it was being unwrapped at Pilling so it needs a new lid.  The other sugar bowl could do with a bigger lid too.


New Designers - A London Exhibition

I went to New Designers this week, it is still on until 4pm July 4th at the Business Design Centre in Islington near the Angel subway station.  It was different to my degree show as there wasn't a way that I could sell to the public directly as there was only limited space in the van, so everything in the next few pictures was all I had with me.  It was so hot down in London that some of the things we attached to the walls fell off over night.

We were up on the balcony and took an extra board to help the whole thing seem a little more enclosed.  Our work seemed so much smaller here than it had in Preston, there were a lot of people passing by and now I am out of post cards so I am going to get some new ones printed this week.  Our technician had met with us in London and was helping us organise the space, though our head of course who was taken ill just before the degree show came down to see us on the opening night.  Kevin Millward who taught me for a few weeks finally got to see some finished work as it was just going into the kiln on the last week he was in Preston and told me which pieces of my work he liked and those bits he didn't.

Our stand was on the right hand side by the stairs that go up to the higher level, on the lower level that you can see here was filled with textiles stands, there were 80 all in all compared to the 19 ceramics and glass stands.