Last shots from my camera - The New Studio

Well my digital camera of a few years doesn't want to work any more, it turns on and every button works except the one to take pictures so the dresser that we have with all my work on I don't as yet have a picture of.  So these are the last few shots

I have been working on a few ceramic panels of local landmarks, but it is coming along slowly as I work on the things that I need to get thrown.

This is my big Podmore wheel and is my favourite to throw on, though I prefer to trim on the Shimpo wheel, the Shimpo never really feels like it is on.

Here is the small Podmore and Shimpo wheels  in the opposite corner, they are very good wheels for beginners much smoother to throw on than the big on, and the right height for children.

We have various work tables to work on, we are just trying to get hold of a large wooden one for more people to site around and something to wedge on too.  If anyone has any ideas for a good work surface so then I don't have to go to the kitchen to wedge on the kitchen counter.

This is one of the three areas we have to display our work and we are constantly changing it round until we can sell a few more pots.

We finally got our streamline machine today so we can accept card payments.


Working had to get ready for the weekend

 So Friday 12th November we took over the Lease of Unit 9 of the Marsh Mill Craft Village, and received the keys to the door.  Marsh Mill is located in Thornton Cleveleys which you go through to get to Fleetwood from the Motorway, it is North of Blackpool and St. Annes and I have lived around here since I was quite young and is only a stones throw from the beach.  Marsh Mill was built in 1794 and is the only really major landmark here in Thornton apart from the long closed down Train Station, if you need a train you have to go up to Poulton Le Fylde.  Enough of a history lesson, we have a lot of hard work over the next few days are it is the Marsh Mill Christmas light switch on and we want to appear to be open by then.

When we first moved to Thornton in the early 90s I remember these sails turning around but last time I went in they said that cap couldn't turn around and they were waiting for a part, that was over 2 years ago I keep hoping to see it working again.
This is the outside of the shop, we are getting a sign made but at the moment our sign says we are "Marsh Mill Needlecraft" to our left we are getting 4D Photography Studios, it has been interesting seeing their false walls go up.  to our other side is a tattoo parlour, there is also a craft shop, wool shop, music shop, teashop, nails, hair, printing, pub and a restaurant

We pulled up the carpet and have sealed the concrete, we just need to get all the furniture in, I got a sideboard from a local e-store that refurbish furniture Apple Dumpling Antiques, I took delivery of it this morning and it is really nice.
There is a nice little nook and it is in here that I am going to put my big potters wheel so then I can throw and can always have sunlight, not like at Preston University.

We have 3 potters wheel at the moment and we are going to be offering throwing and hand building classes as well as selling our own work, and accepting commissions.

More pictures once we are set up in the next few days.

Dates for the Callender

Sunday 21st November - Pottery Demonstrations 3-4pm, free

Saturday 28th November - Decorate a Christmas Bauble, 1.99 per item, from 10am

Saturday 4th December - Taster classes £10 per person, from 10am

Greenland's Farm Village

On Saturday we were at Greenland's Farm Village, we were supposed to be in a marquee but we had gale force 7 winds Thursday and Friday, and I heard it blew away and caused some damage so we were in the Educational barn.

My sister wrote the price signs as my hand writing is terrible, it always looks like a spider has crawled across the page, if I slow down to a letter a minute it isn't too bad.

We had a good two days but I was constantly distracted by the fact I had taken the keys to the shop on Friday.