Tea Party at Gallery 23

I placed some work in Gallery 23 in Lancaster last week and the Exhibition starts today though the opening is Saturday Morning, I am hoping to go up at some point and see my work displayed, but I don't think it will be this week.  The Exhibition is called Tea Party and is organised in conjunction with the Northern Potters, there is another exhibition on too with other media.

Gallery 23 is a nice cosy gallery and is above the Arteria shop in Lancaster City Centre and well worth a look.

THis is Glasson Dock a small port town outside of Lancaster


  1. Good luck, hope it goes well - I noticed you've started selling stuff on Etsy I'd recommend checking out the Etsy sellers handbook and coming by to chat with the UK team on the Etsy forum!


  2. I'm not personally doing the Etsy things, it is my wife, I will pass that along.