Youtube Channel

We have made a Youtube channel and have put some videos up.   I get really nervous being recorded and often don't throw at my best, isn't it always the way.  The thing I get most nervous about is hearing my own voice back on a recording and I can't actually listen without getting queezy.


  1. Great videos! I have to say that I have not seen your style of throwing before. I've never seen anyone compress the bottom first like that and then push it up into the wall of the vessel. Very interesting...I may have to try that technique!
    Keep the videos coming!

  2. Have a look at Hannah McAndrew,Doug Fitch, Clay Club, and Simon Leach.

    Plenty out there to learn from!

    Take a breath and relax!

  3. I agree interesting technique! I must say I did a little video a while back and I was also incredibly nervous I don't know why.

    I think I might have a go at doing another and actually publishing it this time!

  4. Another one to watch, Matt Grimmitt.

    Looking at you throwing, I compress the base first too, in a similar way,although I'm using a kick wheel, so a bit slower!.
    You might try, after every pull up, compressing the rim a little instead of leaving it to near the end of throwing. Better rims, less trimming

  5. That's cool man. I retired from youtube a year ago due to the trolls but pottery videos sounds pretty cool.

  6. The way you move man, is a work of art.

  7. There is YouDan from Ingleton Pottery and a Pottery originally from Taiwan hsinchuen that is really good.

    I also watch Steve Booton who is a member of the NPA (Northern Potters) just like myself.

    This week I picked up some boxes of Earthern ware brush on glazes that Northern Kilns were getting rid of for cheap in their studio clearance. So this week I will probably be throwing Terracotta which I need to get out of my old workshop.

    If I felt more confident and wanted people to hear me on the videos I would use the shimpo wheel, as it is silent.

    Gz, thanks for the advice, I do usually compress the rim a bit more but you forget bits and pieces when filming, or at least I do, I usually throw a bit slower and take my time as I still only have a limited amount of clay, I'm down to about 3 bags plus my reclaim bucket.

    I have wanted to try a kick wheel for years but the one at the University was broken and in the kiln yard. Twelve years ago long before I was interested in pottery I watched my friends older brother make one, http://josephmorganceramics.co.uk/ later on when he moved up to Scotland he built his own wood firing kiln which I haven't seen in person.

    Anybody have any ideas what I should make next on camera? I tried to get my wife making her animals but she deleted the video even though it was just 30 seconds. Not feeling very inspired at the moment with my own work. Was throwing some piggy banks yesterday and got a round of applause by a passing family who then took a business card so they could come back and take a class.

  8. I hate hearing myself too! I just made a video today, but didn't say a word :)