Busy week

Its been a busy week and I haven't taken my camera to work in a few days, though if I did the only thing new you would see is children's work, it is all due in two weeks, which is rather worrying, why do I tell people that? I need to get it home asap and dried and in the biscuit kiln.  There is a lot of it and I have really enjoyed teaching children all week, but it is tiring.

this morning I am preparing letters to go off to various places, no galleries on the list, as I still want to reread that section on artists selling their work in the book that I have, that I have misplaced somewhere and can't find, if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.  I have to pick up my work from Southport tomorrow and then my work from Lancaster at the end of the month, but hopefully going into a show at the university at the end of the month.

I have found a glaze in the Cone 6 book that is almost the same recipe as my old glaze, it looks similar from the tiny photo so hopefully I will be doing some glaze tests this week, I have to ask for a favour from someone as I don't have the ingredients yet.

Trying to get on top of all my bisque firing so I have had 3 kilns on this week, not done any glazing yet, was planning on refilling the kiln now, but will fill it tonight when the baby has gone to bed, I still have so much to do.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! The kiln at our place has been busy lately too.

    Getting stuff to dry out in all the damp weather lately has been a real pain as well. Sometimes theres never enough hours in the day, I'm still looking for that illusive day between Sunday and Monday.

  2. Yeah I want that day too.

    Brought more things home to go in the kiln, but the table here is full and the table at work is full, Throwing big things just wipes out so much space, but I got accepted for the New School House Gallery in York, so I am trying to get some of this new work done.

    Got glazing on hold until I can make a new glaze, I have been buying in pre-made, but I have never been happy with the quality as it just never has the same consistency of home made.

  3. Nice I like York its lovely, lots of arts and crafts places there too I'm sure your work will go down well.

    I've never actually made my own glazes, I did do chemistry at school though so I'm sure that'll maybe count for something!

  4. I did chemistry until at college and started a degree in it at Durham, so I understand quite a bit, not always sure how to get the right balance need to do a bit more reading on the subject.

    Mixing from a recipe is simple enough, just the same as buying a bag of glaze, but with some weighing.

    Looking forward to going to York, last time I was in York I was taking my nephew to the Railway museum.