Lancaster Exhibition

As I mentioned in a previous post I am in an exhibition at Gallery 23 in Lancaster which is our county town.  My friend works up in Lancaster and took some photographs for me as I have been unable to travel there as it takes forever to commute there as a non driver.

 The middle two shelves contain all my work, it is made with a "porcelain white" stoneware, it isn't the nicest clay to throw and resists heavily anything you want to do with it and it would rather "snap off2 the wheel head as you are trying to put finishing touches to it than do what you want.

 This is a teapot by Dave Harper my old Head of Course at UClan, the stand is stoneware, but the teapot I think is slipcast porcelain.
And these final pieces are by Geoff Wilcock the technician at UClan who was instrumental in inspiring my throwing and taught me how to centre clay and make some basic forms a few years ago.  His Porcelain Teapots are made by throwing the clay in a tall form drying the surface and then stretching them out, it was always interesting watching this happen.  His work is thrown at what seems to be twice the size and then shrinks every firing it is in.


  1. Looks like a lovely gallery, sounds like Geoff has an interesting technique.

    Must be quite satisfying to see your work on display!