I first saw a Tyg 3 years ago when I was doing a tourism project for University and the Tutor took us into the Harris Museum Preston to have a look at all the pottery there because they have a very large collection of pottery, not much from the last 100 years but it is extensive before then.  Where there they showed us what they called a Tyg which was a big mug with multiple handles.

Skip forward to last year and I was reading Paul the Potter's blog and he made a vessel that he called a wassail,  though I couldn't remember what they called them, so I contacted the Harris Museum and got told the were called Tyg's and if I made one they show the pot across all their sources of facebook and twitter and all their e-news feeds.

So over a week ago I made not one but three.

 the one on the left was made from a kilo of clay and the one on the right 50grams, as I decided to make a miniature version to see if I could make handles small enough, I just rolled a coil and then flattened it out.
This one is made from 2 kg of clay and is over double the volume of the 1 kg version.


  1. I wonder what that would get used for!

    btw if you have trouble with bonfires again, phone the Environment Agency Hotline 0800 807060 :-)

  2. Awesome, you did the handles this time too.

  3. Lovely work, must say its quite cute to see the huge one next to the smaller.