Full to Capacity

Trying to get on top of everything, I feel very behind with all my firings and every space I have is covered.  Feeling very behind and like I am struggling to get even the bare minimum done.  Making anything else is on hold, so when I am in the studio for the next week I have to do some painting or drawing, my drawing isn't as far on as I want it so I should work on some

This is my kitchen table there is so much awaiting a firing, including 3 piggy banks, a large piggy bank, an elephant and a lion.  There are even things on there for Christmas Decorations hmm.  And a variety of fruit to paint and then eat, if this were my mothers house there wouldn't be any fruit left as my little boys eats it all there.

The board on the left is all kids and clay things from last week and has been loaded into the kiln this evening.  The board on the right and on the floor are from Tuesday when I had the local church Youth group in it is all drying at its own unique rate.  The box on the floor are some more vase forms which are all waiting to come back to the kiln too.  Two bags of reclaimed clay and one of Arctic white stoneware clay.

The whirl pots are something some one asked for and are due this Friday, so they are in the kiln now ant the firing is going on first thing tomorrow.  Made a batch of smaller coffee cups after seeing these ones. Been thinking of making some rectangular saucers for them to go on, but I need to get some roiling guides so then the whole lot is somewhere near uniform.


  1. I suppose this is where having a very small workshop helps! I can't let things build up like this and can only do one process at a time

  2. It is partly because all my big things have suddenly been ready. And I have had a quite a few through the studio in the space of a week

    Having a tiny kiln doesn't help things, though efficient to fire it is only 30cm tall and diameter.

    I do have another kiln that is slightly bigger but is at my parents and isn't wired up at the moment, and even if it were I have been told without spending 900 on new elements, controller and wiring it will only biscuit things for me.

  3. Hi Joseph

    Your work must be very rewarding from a creativity point of view. What kiln are you using?

  4. Creativity has its ups and downs, being in a shop unit is hard because people can see when you aren't working.

    At the moment I am using nabertherm eco 45 kiln just a little top loader.

    I also have a bigger electric kiln I picked up off of Ebay, but have been told it will only fire up to 1100C and not the 1280C I wanted to hit and was quoted almost a grand to do it up, so it has been sat there in my parents garage.