New School House Gallery

Thursday night was the opening night of "Northern Stars" at the New School House Gallery in York.  We got stuck in traffic for an hour on the Motorway between Halifax and Leeds, so we didn't get there until 7pm, and it was very crowded, lots of people talking enjoying themselves around some amazing pottery.  It is a good show and well worth visiting.
The New School house Gallery is situated just inside the city walls in a beautiful court yard, it got very busy inside so it was good to come outside for a breath of fresh air.
This is my work sat in the window sill of the gallery looking out into the courtyard, there wasn't much space inside so it is mainly my smaller pots and none of my large platters.  I am sure that they will be out soon as there was quite a bit of work sold during the opening night as well as two of my pieces.

This week I am off to visit Discus and try out one of their wheels.  I am also going to the Goldmark Gallery to see Nic Collins work and I am so excited to go.  It looks like it will be a full car with 4 of us going up, we might end up at Valentine Clays and Hotel Chocolat on the way home but that is another story.

I need to make some more big pots this week so it will probably be one on Wednesday afternoon and as many as I can fit in on Thursday.  I also want to make some lamp bases but I am not entirely sure how big I want them... or how much clay to use, or even what sort of design to use, I think this maybe a back to paper exercise.

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