New Work

So I have been very busy firing this week, going to fill another kiln for tomorrow, come Tuesday I have to start firing the children's work, it has just been a little slow with drying recently, not sure why, the weather has been nice but I have some pieces that will be from two weeks ago Monday and they just haven't dried enough to fire yet.  So I need to get them next to the kiln to dry out, I just haven't managed to transport them back as I don't drive.

A nice warm today, so very sunny it would have been a nice day to go out an paint, but we had a fun day at the shop, quite a few people through, including some old friends.

These two pots are my favourite, the taller was on the last set of photographs and the smaller piece only came out of the kiln yesterday afternoon.  After making these I want to make some more storage jars.
Really small pots with galaxy glaze on.
15cm tall Storage jar including the lid
All approximately 10cm tall
Utensil holders
10 cm tall jug


  1. I agree I really like your jars, I think what makes them work is that slight bulbing outwards in the center. Also your jugs are really nice, that galaxy glaze is really unusual in the way it pools!

  2. The galaxy glaze is a commercial glaze I bought from http://www.ctmpotterssupplies.co.uk/ it is supposed to be a bit less random, but it runs otherwise I really like the randomness of it. I tend to use it on bowls and on flat pieces as it can't run onto the kiln shelf like it did on the vase.

    Been making a lot more jars, made 5 cookie jars the other day and yesterday I made 3 2kg jars and the same today. I want to make a 9kg bread crock I have been practising moving clay around with the crook of my wrist and centring without using my fingers.

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