Pots Pots Pots

Here are a few pots from my backlog.

There are a lot of storage jars, cookie jars and various sorts of vases.  I am being experimental with the forms.

If you have any questions please ask.  .

This is perhaps one of my favourite pieces from all the firings


  1. Wonderful work, the red one and the turquoise one with the cracking coming through are my favorites and the tall think white cylinder.

  2. Great work, I love the texture on the surface I was wondering is it a fork or comb?

  3. @linda Yeah I like playing about with stretching and a bit of ghand building to relax and they end up very different but are good for the small spaces in the kiln.

    @Little Wren the texture is a bamboo tool with a texture on the end that is /\/\/\/\ and then stretched out so the marks aren't as deep.

  4. Interesting, I've been thinking about making a comb tool lately - I have a wooden comb that I'm not gonna use. I could sand down the prongs on otherwise it'll be too 'pointy' if you get what I mean.

  5. Your work is amazing! Reminds me of Japanese ceramics. Beautiful. Do you have an online shop?

  6. Hi Erica, we do have an Etsy account, one of my goals is to sit down and update it all. I have to add my new pots and try and work out how to Price my postage.