Still making big pots.

Very anxious because I know the summer is coming and as are the events I am supposed to be attending, so I have been trying to make as fast as I can and get the big pots done and out of the studio so then  I can work on some smaller pieces.  I still want to make some lamp bases but my drawings aren't getting me anywhere, I just feel like I am going in circles with my actual designs.

I have been firing the kiln like crazy so much to photograph and I know I should etsy but I always feel like for etsy I need a box that I can wrap the items in and keep them safe and separate, I need to get organised!  Trying to work on some networking and marketing  but I just keep deleting everything as I am not always happy with what I write.

I am using the coiling and throwing method this is a piece I did mainly on Tuesday and finished Wednesday morning, these big pieces take a while to dry in between layers, it is about 15minutes with my hot air gun, I would use a blow torch but it is very much against the tenancy agreement..

So here it is finished with a wavy neck, just love being loose with those bits and not being so obsessed with the really fine details of these, it is how I used to always make my work last year.  The storage jars are all made using a pot that I tried to make Wednesday afternoon but failed, wedged it all up into 2 and 3 kg blocks and threw the storage jars, still need lids for them all. it is 20inches tall and 18inch at the widest point.

As I was leaving on Wednesday I threw this base ready to make another one today.  Today has made me realise once again how new I am to all this as I kept making mistakes and have had to rebuild whole sections of this several times.  at one point this pot was 20 inch wide and tall and when I left it was 17 inch wide and 17 inch tall and completely unfinished, much like the first image.

I have been using the small table to roll coils on so it actually takes two coils per layer of this big pots once you get to a certain size.

A lot to do tomorrow, finish the pot make some lids and hopefully make a quick big one that isn't as wide.


  1. Good luck with your firings! Weather here hasn't been great for drying out pots - too much moisture in the air. Your big pots are really impressive!

  2. Don't want them to dry out too fast, still doing quite well the top third is looking quite dry so has plastic on it so the bottom section can dry out a bit more.

    Unfortunately unless I find another cheap way to biscuit fire then the ones I made last week will be the last until September