Art and Garden 2011

It is nice to be out in the fresh air, but I do feel bad that the studio hasn't been open, IT is closed next Saturday too as we are attending the Family Fun Day at the Park in Poulton le Fylde.

Day One over but still today to go, I have a lot of the new work on display including my tea sets and paintings.  There is today left so if you are in the area between Blackburn and Preston its a really nice visit and the Gardens are amazing, it is a £3 donation to get in.  It is by the river and even with all the people around and a about it is still so peaceful.

There are a lot of other artists too, but I always feel uncomfortable taking photographs of other peoples

 The wooden stands are inspired by Steve Booton, they aren't finished yet but it is something to do over the next few weeks as I don't have another event booked.  It is a very crowded space but there are pieces I felt I had to show.
 My big pots on one of the lawns, they seem a little smaller in such a big space.  I want to make more and bigger, but that plan is on hold.  I also did a photo shoot of them down on the beach on Friday but I still have to edit all those shots still.
There was so much wall space and though I had hung up the three clocks it looked so empty so I brought some paintings down too to fill the space, I feel like an interloper when it comes to painting.

Tuesday is the start of the Lytham show,


  1. Your stand looks great hope it was a good show for you, I recently got some small wooden shelves to make more of the height space on the table. I think it generally makes for more interesting displays.

  2. Second day the big pots went on polished slate that the garden owner had around the place, I got some shots of them and will upload later.

    I enjoyed the day and meeting some other artists that are reasonably local, sales weren't the best, but I seem to be a curse on events and lots of the other sellers were saying it was their worst year ever at the event.