Earth, Fire, Sea and Sand

Been very busy this week, Last week I was at Art and Garden, so I took Monday off and had a lazy day with my little boy.  Tuesday I rearranged the studio and cleaned all the shelves and display boxes, it took most of the day, I made a seconds box to get rid of all those pieces I don't like and don't fit into my view of where I want to take my work.

Wednesday I looked after the NPA Exhibition in Lytham and was trying to sell other peoples work, though I could show them my work I find it easier to talk about other peoples.  Thursday I went off to Blackpool and Fylde College to look at their end of year show for the Art and Design people, my little brother just graduated there with a Distinction-Distinction-Merit in Photography, and I spoke to two of my old tutors from when I was doing my National Diploma in Illustration(which I didn't finish)
Friday I went to Earth and Fire, I met up with a lot of potters but made the mistake of forgetting my camera.  Above is a picture of myself with Steve Booton who I spotted after coming back from Lunch, I wasn't certain it was him so went over and was listening to him for a while.  He had one of his Black Tea bowls in his jumper, there is a lot about ceramics that the camera just doesn't pick up.
Jack Doherty was there too, I love the textures of his soda fired porcelain, he came to the University last year and gave an amazing demo and talk.  I also spoke to Doug Fitch, Hannah McAndrew, Ben Brierly, Nic Collins and a few other potters, I found Paul Jessop wandering around too.  There wasn't enough time to talk to everyone, in fact I was at Earth and Fire for 2 hours longer than I had originally planned.

The UCLAN graduates were there, I think Earth and Fire is more suitable for graduates than all that money we spent last year going to London and not really having many people that were interested in ceramics.

I enjoyed myself and by the time I spoke to  Nic Collins the quiet reserved potter that I am was wildly gesticulating and Nic is a very quiet calm man, it was interesting talking to him, but I think I came off as more than a little insane. I got lots of great advice and was feeling really inspired, but won't get chance to use that energy on actually making until Tuesday and first I have to make bowls so I actually have some I am happy with.

I also bought a discus wheel, the are so amazing powerful for something light and won't break my back if I have to carry it through a school, or across a field.  The base isn't as stable on the slanted field I was on yesterday, so we need to come up with a system of levelling if we are on grass again.  We had a good day yesterday at the local park, the generator they lent us was very noisy though, and the discus worked well.
I wanted to take pictures of my pots by the seaside that inspired them,  I just need them to be bigger.
A better image of my teapot, I have shots of the whole set in pieces and together but I just need to edit them all to a manageable size.


  1. Shame you didn't have your camera with you, I met Jack when I was at St Ives. The colours of his pieces are really striking I particularly liked the blue tones!

    I really like the photo of your pot at the seaside, it looks great amongst the sea grass.

  2. I do have one of his pots now, I couldn't resist, the textures and the colours, the hardest part was choosing something in my merge price range.

    I have forgotten how tall the grasses were there, that is the beach I grew up on though we weren't allowed as far up as the sand dunes by ourselves.