A Trip Out - to a local school

This morning I went to a funeral which was nice as far as funerals go, my wife stayed with our friends as I had to work this afternoon.  I was doing demonstrations at a local school, so I had to get back to the pottery to clean the equipment up to get it in the car.

We were just doing demo's so we were quite loosely packed otherwise we have boxes etc to fit in and around the wheel too.  IT was one of the classrooms furthest from the school entrance so we had quite a walk with the Shimpo, so I will be glad to get the discus which will be easier to lug around.


  1. Sorry to hear that you've been to a funeral recently.

    Interesting placement of the teapot handles, I recently made a teapot and I was starting to think more about having two handles - one at the back and another smaller one at the front. I was wondering what your thoughts are about handle placements on teapots?

  2. Thanks for Sharing Jo. Dont worry the photo looks fine, love those teapots.