Bowls Finally photographed

I have been making new bowls, just some general purpose and ice cream/dessert bowls, I made the form so then they would easily stack. They are decorated with the single blue/green cobalt stripe of my work. They are available in the shop right now.
Stack of Ice Cream Bowls

This stack has 3 ice cream and GP bowls to show that they even stack nicely inside each other.

Single General purpose bowl with single stripe on it

My little boy's Monster, he keeps carrying it round with with him and tells me it is going to eat me. I am planning to do a post on specially on kids and clay and birthday parties.

On another note in September I am planning a trip to the southern tip of the country, finally going to visit St Ives, and the trip will probably end 10th September at the Muchelney Pottery Open Day. There are other potters I would like to visit Paul Jessop, Doug Fitch. I would like to visit Svend Bayer, Nic Collins and Richard Batterham(If he accepts visitors) I know there are plenty more I haven't mentioned are there any potters that are a good visit?


  1. Lucky you-should be a good trip!

    The bowls look best when it is one size together in the stack. Perhaps the two sizes side by side, singly or stacked? Good idea though, shows they take less room on a shelf!!

  2. Sounds like a great trip, I loved St Ives when I visited I'm sure you'll love it too - after all its about 10 degrees warmer down there with the Atlantic breeze!