Potfest in the Park

Yesterday we closed the studio so we could go visit Potfest in the Park, as we have done every year for the last five.  There is some really amazing work there, and one year (in the distant future) I would love to display there myself.

We got there not long after it opened and people were still deciding what their prices were on certain pieces.

We spent three and a half hours wondering around and picked up a few small pieces, and lots of inspiration.


  1. Potters always do suffer from Lastminuteitis!!

    You'd've thought they'd know their prices though!!

  2. I think it must be something to do with fluctuating prices depending on what event they are at.

  3. I've not been to Potfest in the Park, looks like it was a nice day for it. Much nicer venue than the one I went to in Scotland - I don't much like cattle markets!

  4. this year potfest Scotland was at the palace http://www.potfest.co.uk/potfestscot.htm

    I don't like some of the cattle Markets they choose either. Not been to Art in Clay yet, but I liked Earth and fire, in the grounds of the Abbey.

    It was actually a chilly day to start off with and was comfortable once it warmed up.