540degrees C and Cooling

Kiln is going to be used a lot these next two weeks, kiln is cooling now, but will have to come back at lunch time to empty and fill the next load as it is still over 500C.  I am drying things as fast as I can but the kiln can't fit everything and I am trying to keep everything in date order.

The Mural getting towards half finished, but we are low on slip so we might have to pick up some more to finish the second half.

I have to also remake all my biscuit pieces that I used, vases, bowls, cups and tiles.  I also need to make more pint pots, but the Mural is priority right now.

As am writing this my little boy is pretending to drink from my Doug Fitch mug, and when my nephew comes over he always wants to drink from my Hannah McAndrew mug, it is a really nice mug, but feel like a giant if I drink from it myself.

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