Manchester Museum

I have been busy in the pottery preparing for our week at the Marine Hall next week, very nervous about everything, I want it to be a success.  The pottery is closed Monday to Friday next week, so no one will be there to help you out if you need anything, if you do need anything while we are away please contact me at Joseph at redfoxpottery dot com . 

So I haven't made much over the last week, creatively I feel a bit stuck with my pottery.  Not sure what to make, I really have enough stock of the bits I like, and have started firing the cupcakes so I can show pictures of them soon.  I also made a crackle glaze for my wife which needs testing in today's kiln.

Yesterday we went to the Manchester Museum to see Stan the T-Rex, and I got photographing the pottery collection.  Definitely a place to take Anthea to again so she can get some reference for different animals as they have a taxidermy section too.


  1. The pottery collection is beautiful, you gotta love the ancient work.

  2. I am really fascinated by those really thin jug forms, the base ring jugs in your second last photo. I've started to dive off in search of more information about them, and have been peering excitedly at photos from the British Museum! A wonderful thing the internet!!

  3. Lori: There is something very inspiring about ancient work, made without wheels or pyrometers.

    Peter: Wish I had been ale to grab the descriptions but I had a little boy swinging from my trouser leg, asking me what I am doing. Manchester's website isn't very good, thank goodness for the British Museum.

  4. I've never been to the british museum its something that I've thought about doing recently. I always find handle shapes of ancient pottery interesting, I don't know why I often think they have a very fluid feeling to them. Nice photos and thats one impressive t-rex!

  5. I went to the British Museum last year when I was in London with New Designers, the year before I went to the V&A when the ceramic section had just reopened, would love to go back again and spend a day by myself in the V&A and a day in the Tate Britain.