Power Lunch

So much going on with he pottery trying to get everything fired and glazed, that I had to come home to finish filling a kiln load of children's work, it needed glazing too so that has been done.  Tonight I will be glazing the ones for the morning, and pretty much everything I have left near the kiln will be done, then it is down to doing 3 days still left at the shop, going to be very tight 8 days of constant firing, I can see sleepless nights coming, but I want to get it done before my trip.

13 tiles have come out so far, got 21 in this next firing. as well as a lot of other pots that all belong to children.

I am also doing a presentation based on last week's workshops, just wish I had taken more pictures whilst I was there.  I am also working on the Mural, and want to get the first half of the Mural done before my trip to Cornwall, Devon etc.

To relax I have made 12 pint pots, I pulled the handles this morning and I am going to attach them when I get back to my studio.  I want to get them done before I go away too.

I have a list of things I need to make:
-4inch tiles (for children to decorate)
-tiny mugs (for children to decorate)
-bud vases (for children to decorate)
-small bowls (for children to decorate)
-Pint pots
-other half of the Mural

See not much to do.

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