Summer Workshops

So this week is the week of our summer workshops at the Marine Hall at Fleetwood.  The best thing about our room there is the two massive windows that look out onto the lower prom and the sea.  Tuesday the waves were crashing and very destructive and people were attempting to surf, Wednesday they were calm and gentle and we saw some kayaks go out as well as yachts out in the slightly deeper water.
                                                                    Photograph by Benjamin Travis
Part of the old Fleetwood Dock, not much happening there any more the company that ran boats from here to Ireland stopped, good for the locals because there weren't as many big trucks coming through the town, but takes away from the feeling it was always busy there.
Some of the children's work packed into trays ready to be moved back to the studio.

This is the Mural we are working on too, this was after the morning session.  We still have a lot to do on it as you can see.

The other thing we have been doing is a plaster tile with the children, but I don't have any pictures as they took them away with them at the end of the session, despite having not touched plaster for over two years, I have been mixing it and pouring into moulds the children make.

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