3 Weeks Left

Another week doneI ended up with 140 bud vases thrown in the end, there is very little space left at the moment.  Despite having a big "TO LET" sign outside the studio people still seem a little shocked that we have a closing down sale.  The sale itself will run from the studio until October 15th when all the furniture is due to leave.

The more time goes on the more mixed feelings I have about losing my first proper studio, but I can't afford it and it has caused me far too much stress.

I have been waiting for some new supplies and they finally turned up on Friday, so I can now do a commission that has been waiting in my book.  I have started it but ran out of the coloured slip I needed to finish.  I have the other half of my mural to do too so that's how the week will start.

When I came back from Holidays there was this giant addition to my store front

Getting very full on my main storage

Secondary Storage area full too.

I want to get my big wheel cleaned off soon so then I can throw on it again before I leave.  This is the wheel I bought off of Ebay when I was a first year Ceramics Student 5 years ago, it has character when it throws, but can't hold steady when I am making bigger pots, which is why it ended up getting used for storage in April.


  1. Good luck with relocating! Looks like you've been productive with your making, I'm sure you'll find a new home soon.

  2. Trying to get everything I done now for the whole winter and spend the winter painting and doing some regular work and then start looking for a new studio when the damp goes.

    Also hoping to have enough bisque work boxed up and then glaze as needed.