Only a few days left

I only have a few days left at the shop before I empty it, I wish I was leaving on better terms.  I will review the entire time once the shop is empty and maybe repainted.  I am both looking forward to and dreading losing the studio.  It has been my own personal space to work in and if it hadn't cost me so much I would have stayed but it is too expensive.

People keep asking where we are moving to and at the moment I am not even looking because I have enough money to even think of renting elsewhere.  I am applying for lots of jobs in the hopes I can get something to earn some money.

I am a potter in my heart and soul and not having a workspace already feels tough, I wish money didn't have to be a worry as I just love to pot, I find it is all I ever want to do and I am most relaxed and happy when I am throwing.  I just want to keep improving and getting better.  I know I think to much but the only time my mind rests is when I am throwing, and I am already finding myself bored, unfocused and disconnected from the world.

Second half of the Fleetwood Mural
I have been struggling to get this 2nd half done, I haven't found the determination to get it done.  I can't find the solution to what buildings I want on it.
My shelves still very full
It has changed since this photograph as I have sold a few pieces including the big pot at the bottom.
My wheel
This is my first wheel and since April it has been a shelf, I cleared it off and I have thrown a few bits on it, I forgot what life was like before my Shimpo Whisper T and I prefer this wheel, it has more character to the way it moves, to the way it turns, the Shimpo just seems so electrical and smooth opposed to what is a mechanical beast where you can feel and hear all the parts whirling.  The foot pedal is so much nicer to press on than the Shimpo's too, not it doesn't stop in one place to throw big pots, but for smaller pots this is what I prefer.


  1. You've tried hard, learnt a lot about yourself and your work and that is worth a lot.
    You'll have to be patient, what is right will turn up-although it may not be what you aimed for or expected.
    Keep drawing and painting, keep your eye/hand/brain co-ordination in gear and the ideas ticking over.

    The mural looks good.

  2. Going back to basics with design and drawing in the hopes that I can put together a design portfolio in my free time.

    As well as riding up to the beach on my bike, which I wanted to do all summer, and sit and paint on the prom.

    I agree I have learnt so much, it has been the hardest lesson to learn in my life. Things that are worth it are rarely easy.

    There are places I would love to work, but things are complicated.