Pumpkin Pie

This week the dresser moved in as we cleared the shop.  The walls have been plastered now and I am going to paint come Monday morning in the hopes that I can get the keys handed over to the landlord at the end of the month.  Talking to my barber I need to try and claim back my business rates from the council.  I also went for a job interview this week, hence the reason for going to the barber.

Made a pumpkin pie today, I have a pumpkin and walnut bread in the oven, and I made a little bit of bread just in case, it hasn't been baked yet but never mind.  I have two big bowls of pumpkin purée in my fridge, I guess I will be having soup in the next day or so.


  1. pumpkin soup is good too!

  2. We had pumpkin soup last night, it was always on the plan for Sunday, Saturday we spent the evening with friends.

    We were having pizza at the friends so soup was out of the question. Though they enjoyed the pie, even the ones that were dubious at first, for some reason the name pumpkin pie always puts people off but they always seem to love it.

  3. Ah I love pumpkin, its so versatile! I was thinking we dont really bake anything thats savory to being intentionally sweet apart from carrot cake. I'm probably going to be doing the same with my pumpkin puree this weekend!

  4. I'll be having homegrown Butternut Squash soup tonight- delicious!