Teaching Results

I have been so busy trying to get organised and into a new routine, working when I used to go down to the studio was easy, I opened at 10am every day tried to get organised, made some pots, packaged up what had to be brought home to the kiln.  In the evenings I used to fill the kiln and then set it going the next morning and let my wife kiln sit which would just be coming to the upper end as I got home from work.

Now things are different, I kiln sit myself but I don't have as many new pieces coming through at the moment.

Commissions are open and we are available to come and do parties, groups and Schools.  I am preparing information packs to be sent out to various organisations and to request one just email joseph(at)redfoxpottery(dot)com.

Here is the work from two of my adult students from the summer school Course.
Ben's Pots, Iron Stripes, cobalt and copper spots

Ben's Pots(2), Iron Stripes, cobalt spots

Michelle's Pots with Iron Details

Michelle and Ben's bugs cobalt, iron, copper and transparent glaze

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