Preparing part 2

Two days ago I threw all these mugs and yesterday I put handles on them all.  I have another Seventeen bowls to throw and then I will be prepared, well at least I will be once they are all biscuit fired.  I use these for paint a pot style exercise so then they have something decorated as well as something handmade by themselves.  I already have a small amount of each but as I like throwing things in batches, so why not a batch of a day?  I also have made some egg cups though I might have to make some more.

My Kiln is cooling down is about 150C and I am excited as I am testing a different white glaze that looks a lot richer, but I won't find out for a while, might have a sneak peak to see if I can spot one.



I have been preparing for some workshops that might be upcoming so I have been throwing bud vases, I also have yet to do some more small bowls and small mugs.  The bud vase that is at the front was an accident, I had started throwing the bowls and looked at the window I looked back and I had all but collared in the top of the pot.  Apparently you can throw while not watching but it isn't the best idea.

Also at the Pottery until the 31st of January we have a 20% sale on to clear a bit more stock, I want to make room for some of the bigger pieces that are waiting to be fired.

We also had a visit today from Jayne Frodsham who runs the Pottery at Farmer Parrs, it is a paint a pot inside the farm, never been inside the paint a pot and is run by autism initiatives which I have had dealings with but have never been in the pottery I have walked past it as it is in the museum of rural living( I think that is the name)  It is interesting there and I been with the little boys quite a few times.


Tea Party at Gallery 23

I placed some work in Gallery 23 in Lancaster last week and the Exhibition starts today though the opening is Saturday Morning, I am hoping to go up at some point and see my work displayed, but I don't think it will be this week.  The Exhibition is called Tea Party and is organised in conjunction with the Northern Potters, there is another exhibition on too with other media.

Gallery 23 is a nice cosy gallery and is above the Arteria shop in Lancaster City Centre and well worth a look.

THis is Glasson Dock a small port town outside of Lancaster


Youtube Channel

We have made a Youtube channel and have put some videos up.   I get really nervous being recorded and often don't throw at my best, isn't it always the way.  The thing I get most nervous about is hearing my own voice back on a recording and I can't actually listen without getting queezy.


Children Throwing Pottery

A few days ago my little boy came in and had his third tutoring session on the wheel, has usually won't let me help him at all but this day he did and  really enjoyed himself.  He is 3 year old soon and he likes making pots like daddy, though he asked me the other day why I hadn't made a pot dinosaur and I told him to ask his mummy as she is the one that makes the animals.