The end is in sight

The end may be in sight be there is still so much to do. Today I have been working on my presentation, doing the presentation doesn't both me, just preparing it makes me nervous.

This Half of the Mural is almost finished, a few details to add and then I will do the second half after my Holiday.
This tray went into the kiln this morning as well as two other trays, so just one more biscuit firing to do but still lots and lots of glazing that needs doing, I think 3 firings should cover everything.


Power Lunch

So much going on with he pottery trying to get everything fired and glazed, that I had to come home to finish filling a kiln load of children's work, it needed glazing too so that has been done.  Tonight I will be glazing the ones for the morning, and pretty much everything I have left near the kiln will be done, then it is down to doing 3 days still left at the shop, going to be very tight 8 days of constant firing, I can see sleepless nights coming, but I want to get it done before my trip.

13 tiles have come out so far, got 21 in this next firing. as well as a lot of other pots that all belong to children.

I am also doing a presentation based on last week's workshops, just wish I had taken more pictures whilst I was there.  I am also working on the Mural, and want to get the first half of the Mural done before my trip to Cornwall, Devon etc.

To relax I have made 12 pint pots, I pulled the handles this morning and I am going to attach them when I get back to my studio.  I want to get them done before I go away too.

I have a list of things I need to make:
-4inch tiles (for children to decorate)
-tiny mugs (for children to decorate)
-bud vases (for children to decorate)
-small bowls (for children to decorate)
-Pint pots
-other half of the Mural

See not much to do.


540degrees C and Cooling

Kiln is going to be used a lot these next two weeks, kiln is cooling now, but will have to come back at lunch time to empty and fill the next load as it is still over 500C.  I am drying things as fast as I can but the kiln can't fit everything and I am trying to keep everything in date order.

The Mural getting towards half finished, but we are low on slip so we might have to pick up some more to finish the second half.

I have to also remake all my biscuit pieces that I used, vases, bowls, cups and tiles.  I also need to make more pint pots, but the Mural is priority right now.

As am writing this my little boy is pretending to drink from my Doug Fitch mug, and when my nephew comes over he always wants to drink from my Hannah McAndrew mug, it is a really nice mug, but feel like a giant if I drink from it myself.


Summer Workshops

So this week is the week of our summer workshops at the Marine Hall at Fleetwood.  The best thing about our room there is the two massive windows that look out onto the lower prom and the sea.  Tuesday the waves were crashing and very destructive and people were attempting to surf, Wednesday they were calm and gentle and we saw some kayaks go out as well as yachts out in the slightly deeper water.
                                                                    Photograph by Benjamin Travis
Part of the old Fleetwood Dock, not much happening there any more the company that ran boats from here to Ireland stopped, good for the locals because there weren't as many big trucks coming through the town, but takes away from the feeling it was always busy there.
Some of the children's work packed into trays ready to be moved back to the studio.

This is the Mural we are working on too, this was after the morning session.  We still have a lot to do on it as you can see.

The other thing we have been doing is a plaster tile with the children, but I don't have any pictures as they took them away with them at the end of the session, despite having not touched plaster for over two years, I have been mixing it and pouring into moulds the children make.


Out to Work

                                           Photo by Benjamin Travis
This week the pottery studio at the Mill will be closed as we are working in Fleetwood at the Marine Hall teaching workshops Tuesday to Friday.  We are doing Coil pots, Treasure Box, Plaster Casts and a Mural that we are making there on site.

The Marine Hall Garden's are being re-landscaped at the moment, don't let that put you off, we will still be working there.

From the Council Website:
"Pottery Classes for Children
Tuesday 16th August 2011 - Friday 19th August 2011
Red Fox Pottery are providing a range of pottery projects for children aged five and upwards. Find an object on the beach and use your plaster casts to make a treasure box. Or decorate a tile - one for you and one to make a tile panel for the Marine Hall. If pots are your thing, try making an easy coil pot. All items will be taken to Red Fox Pottery to be fired and can be collected from either Marine Hall or the pottery in Thornton Cleveleys. Sessions held at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood. Two sessions 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm. Cost: £5 per child per session. Suitable for 5 - 14 year olds.
Further Information: 01253 887693"


Manchester Museum

I have been busy in the pottery preparing for our week at the Marine Hall next week, very nervous about everything, I want it to be a success.  The pottery is closed Monday to Friday next week, so no one will be there to help you out if you need anything, if you do need anything while we are away please contact me at Joseph at redfoxpottery dot com . 

So I haven't made much over the last week, creatively I feel a bit stuck with my pottery.  Not sure what to make, I really have enough stock of the bits I like, and have started firing the cupcakes so I can show pictures of them soon.  I also made a crackle glaze for my wife which needs testing in today's kiln.

Yesterday we went to the Manchester Museum to see Stan the T-Rex, and I got photographing the pottery collection.  Definitely a place to take Anthea to again so she can get some reference for different animals as they have a taxidermy section too.