Dinosaurs, Kings and Museums

T-Rex Wandering around at the World Museum, Liverpool
Last Friday we took the little one to Liverpool to go see the dinosaurs at a special exhibition in the World Museum.  He enjoyed it, but the animatronic dinosaurs scared him a little, while we were there we also took him to the Walker Art Gallery next door and he played in the children's art gallery whilst I had a wander around, I haven't been there since the first week of Art School many moons ago.

Bernard Leach Pot at the Walker Art Gallery
 As well as Bernard Leach they also had a piece on display by Svend Bayer, Walter Keeler and David Frith.  The piece by Svend Bayer had a "please touch this pot" sign on and wasn't behind a wall of glass so I did so despite the strange looks I got from other visitors.

On Wednesday I travelled all over the place going to see Art Galleries people had recommended to me and even went over to see Rob Miller and his small gallery that doubles as his studio, over in Bolton.  He gave me lots of good advice, I had only gone to see his work, I really love his paintings I just wish I wasn't so very broke.

Today was the little one's preschool nativity and he was so cute.  Afterwards we went over to my little brothers to wish him a happy belated birthday as he has been in Belgium all week.

Been working on the marketing but has been going so slow, need to light a fire under myself and get going.  Also been painting but this latest one is just too frustrating, been too long since I have done an acrylic painting, I have been trying watercolour and goauche which are good for studies but I want to use oils or acrylics and do bigger pieces than 6*4inch.