Designing a new Website.

Working on the website again, this is how I left it with my friend who has been helping me design and code the whole thing, we have been friends since college eleven years ago, though he has been friends with my wife for even longer and introduced us nine years ago this year.

The text on there us just checking the formatting for the code, so I have to write the replacement this week.  The images are going to go across the entire screen, and there will be a few fading in and out (without using flash) with captions.  It is still going to be a joint site between myself and my wife, so it is all a balancing act between my work, hers and the teaching side of the business.  still a few more things to work out.

For instance not sure how to display the gallery, I have looked around at various potters websites at how they display their galleries, but don't have a set idea of where to go.

I would appreciate any feedback on the site so far.



  1. Looking good so far! Happy New Year hope you have a great 2012

  2. I like it, nice and clean looking. I only wish the image faded a bit more on the edges, it still looks drastic where it changes to white. I'm looking forward to the finished product.

  3. The image is going to stretch further than the width of most screens so the fading won't seem as severe, its just I only had the low res images that were available from the blog to do the initial designs.