Inching Closer to my Goal

This week is one of trying to get organized in my home life, I cleared my book shelves and rearranged them so everything looks a lot neater, and all my ImagineFx, Artist and Illustrators and the various pottery magazines that I have (that aren't in a box under the stairs) are now on the on the shelves.  I had various other magazines on their, I cut out what I liked then put the rest of the magazines in the recycling with a commitment not to buy those magazines unless I am in them.

When I was in University I used to buy magazines to help with the weekly mood boards that were part of every assignment I ever did in ceramics. I found piles of materials for those so most of those have been recycled too, I have to suppress the "What if I need it for..." instinct that goes along with the hoarding that runs through my family. I have also piled up over 40 books to be sold or donated and some video games too.

Here are some of the images that I edited for the website, they are all edited to the same dimension, I need to go back and take more photographs.
Bombay Sapphire Spoon Rest


Teapot - I want to make a new generation of these

Small Platter - Reduction Fired
I have been considering doing earthenware slip decorating again to play with something different, but it would have to be a bit more locally sourced, I want to do something that is truly back to earth including all the digging.


  1. if you go for earthenware, Suzi Cree's recipes are good- Peter Dick uses them too.
    I'm sure they are in "Potters" recipe books

  2. Hi Joseph! I'm new to your blog and would just like to say thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is so rare to have such honesty expressed and I too am new to all this stuff and starting out and I can relate to so much you say! I wish you all the best. Cat x

  3. I think its really difficult to get a balance between work and rest but then sometimes I think how much I work is self imposed. It's always important to remember to take it easy every now and then...

  4. Today I looked in "The Glaze Book" by Stephen Murfitt and I didn't really find a transparent glaze in there, so went under the stairs and got out "The Potters Book of Glaze Recipes" by Emmanuel Cooper and that has half a dozen all lead free just need to test them to see whats best.

    Hi Cat, thanks for reading I could be more honest as this is only a small portion of what I think about when it comes to ceramics, and my daily struggles with pushing the business. So much to get on top of.

    I just can't seem to get the right balance between work, play, and spending time with my little one, wish money wasn't an issue and stressing me out so I could spend better quality time together.

    Today went to the park with my little one, he got himself knee deep in a puddle of only minutes of getting there. When we got back we played Sonic the Hedgehog together on Steam, I hate it but he loves it so I do it for him.