Another long week, but some how Sunday again

I don't usually talk about my family as the blog it for my work, but it has been one of those weeks where I have had to put my work on hold, I have started the design drawings for Part 2ii but I need more time to finish off.  I have been drawing a lot more trying to keep in mind Sgraffito techniques when drawing here are a few of the drawings over the last week.
 Last Sunday my little boy got take into hospital and I spent a lot of time sat by his bed with a chest infection and asthma that my GP has denied he has had in the past.  He finally came out of hospital on Tuesday so as a family the only thing we did for Valentines, wasn't sending card or anything like that but being happy the little one was home and we shared a Sticky Toffee Pudding I bought last week, as it was what I had on my first date with my wife.

Wednesday we were back at the hospital again because my wife is pregnant with our second little one who at the moment is going by the name of Umbrella.  We were at the hospital over 3 hours.

Yesterday we met up with some of the folks from H2G2 which is a website I used to spend a lot of time on and I made friends on, but more importantly since the Community bought the site off the BBC my wife has become an Arts Editor, so it was a chance for her to meet some of the other editors.  We went to Manchester and I spent most of the day drawing at MOSI.

Back to designing now.


  1. Sorry to hear about your little one... hope he gets better soon. All the best x

  2. Yeah hope your son is feeling better soon! Also congratulations to you and your wife on the little Umbrella!

  3. Its a bit scary i know my wee un who's 3 has a had a few trips to the hospital with a viral induced wheeze. Its not asthma they cant diagnose that until their about 5. Most folk i know who experienced the same said they grow out of it by they time they are 4.