Inspiration Part 2i - Developing an Earthenware Range

At this stage I am merely looking at Design, I have yet to make any products as I am not in a workspace.  I have a couple of ideas of forms I want to use but, will have to throw them and see, as I can't judge anything before it is made.  These are just my firs impressions of what I am doing and will be working on a bit more on development the next week or two in a sketchbook.

So the question some may ask is "If you are already making a range of stoneware with a design you like why design a new range of earthenware?" There are a few reasons and I know it can be risky to make two different ranges at once in case you get stretched out across two ranges but my reasons are as follows.
  • To be creative and have a play around
  • With Earthenware I could eventually source clay from lancashire
  • I don't have masses of orders for 'Sea and Sand' as it stands
  • With 'Sea and Sand' I want use gas firings, but with Earthenware I don't mind electric
  • It is cheaper to fire in my Electric Kiln
  • When teaching I often slip decorate on the stoneware (examples to follow)
  • I already have some pre-made slips I can play around with.
Image from http://www.thrownclay.co.uk/wetheriggs.htm where it is for sale

Speaking with Gwynneth Rixon both here and on Facebook about Earthenware and slip decorating and the work of Isaac Button and Wetheriggs.  I have previously watched the Isaac button videos on  youtube but only whilst talking to her did I realise that I was born around 22 miles from where he worked, and Wetheriggs is the place where I first tried the pottery wheel as my wife wanted to try throwing during our first year.  (I tried to revisit Wetheriggs two years ago but it had become an animal Sanctuary)(Guy Wolff worked at Wetheriggs according to this post by Hannah McAndrew)

The Thing that then got me thinking about slip decoration was the following video:

For those that haven't seen it Jessica Fong making “Night Platter” video by Fetishghost

I know it is an old drawing but reduce reuse and recycle.
When I saw that video it made me think of my old ink drawings (which is how I got started on this project).  I had some that used red and green too,  and I fully intend to work on some new sheets for this project.

Skipping Step One of mind mapping it has already been done here.

Step Two - Mood Boards

I created the mood board digitally at https://www.moodshare.co/

From my Collections: Hannah McAndrew Mug and Doug Fitch Jug and Mug
I really should have kept a better record of what I have been looking at the last few months collecting all the images of different makers that I like that use slip decoration one way or another, I started going back through blogs but it was just taking too long, so I made a quick selection of what I liked from what was obvious and the names jumping out at me in my head.  I really want to play around with layers and textures, and the playfulness of slip that you see not long after the slip is applied.

(This blog has been sat very much unchanged for two weeks because I have been busy with other things and there are other things that need doing and I don't want the entry to get too long, so I will post it today and hopefully by next weekend I will have finished the other half.)


  1. It is a pity to hear that Weatheriggs has gone.
    Good to examine where you're going when you have a break from making.
    btw my browser blocks Jessica Fong's videos, possibly because of the name of the blog...

  2. The link direct to youtube is http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TH8yccTOuYY does that help?

  3. I like the pattern on the vase, reminds me of forest ferns!