Adam Field's Workshop

Yesterday I attended a workshop organised by Hannah McAndrew at the Solway Ceramics Centre near Carlisle.  I haven't been to the Solway Ceramics centre before but it was really interesting and the facilities were amazing with three wood fired kilns.

The morning was taken up with Adam Field talking about his work before, during, and after Korea.  His videos of both himself and Korean Potters throwing Onggi on his website are well worth the watch.

In the afternoon he demonstrated the work he does with porcelain, he explained throwing from a technical perspective and how it works.  His explanation of how throwing works is one of the best for explaining how throwing works.  He took us through throwing his cups, and a storage jar, talking about his designs.
Adam Field Carving a Cup
Working with fifths he divided his cup before carving in the pattern, which is based on triangles forming the structure.
Adam Field's Carved Cup
"no surface is left unconsidered" - Adam Field

Adam Field's work that he made with Doug Fitch
It was a really good day but I have lots of ideas so have been recording them in a sketchbook, that I just started specifically with ideas of different project and tools I want to make etc.

Lots to do this week I have more prototyping to do and hopefully earthenware sgraffito to do too.

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  1. Looks like it was a great day! I've never heard of the center before I'm sure it'll be a place to keep an eye on.